Sterowana regeneracja kości

When it is required.

1. Periodontopathies are caused by bacteria in plaque. Plaque deposits destroy the tissues supporting the teeth. The supporting tissue of the tooth disappears and the ligamentous apparatus of the tooth together with the surrounding bone are destroyed.

periodontopatie periodontopatie periodontopatie na rtg

2. Periapical lesions are caused by inflammation of the neurovascular bundle (arteries, veins or nerves) near the root apex. This type of inflammation leads to destruction of the bone structure.

zmiany okołowierzchołkowe zębów

3. Extractions (tooth extraction/surgery), when the jaw bones – maxilla and mandible can be damaged by incorrect, too violent teeth removals

ekstrakcja zęba

4. Implantation (dental prosthetics/implant treatment), if implants are inserted when the patient’s bone is insufficient, the thread of the implant may be visible, because: the alveolar process is too narrow or the height of the alveolar process is insufficient. During insertion of the implant it may become apparent that there is less bone on the pre-cervical side than needed.


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