bridges, inlays


cover the whole tooth both from the labial as well as buccal side. They are fabricated in the laboratory. May be built of porcelain (only on the front teeth) or firing porcelain on the dental metal alloy, gold-platinum or zirconium oxide. 


They restore permanently one or more missing teeth. They are cemented with crowns on adjacent teeth. Frequently, these so called abutment teeth require previous root canal treatment. 


Permanent restorations are made of varied materials. Undoubtedly, the best material neutral to the tissues and at the same time not subject to abrasion or discolouration, is porcelain. The best aesthetic effect is achieved when zirconium oxide is the base for porcelain (e.g. Procera, Pretau), which gives excellent translucency and refraction corresponding to the natural tooth tissue. Due to their exceptionally aesthetic effect, they are especially recommended for the front section. Another advantage is their biocompatibility – they do not cause allergies and are neutral to the organism.


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