in stomatology

Our task, as the doctors of the Aesthetic Dentistry Studio is – as the name suggests – not only complementing the missing teeth or restoring lost chewing or speaking functions, but also restoring the aesthetics – a beautiful, natural smile and facial features.

The following four factors affecting aesthetics have been adopted in stomatology:

ładny uśmiech

The concept of aesthetics is not always unambiguous in stomatology. Even snow-white, straight teeth will not be aesthetic if they pose a detached part of the whole, while the other ones are different. 

A patient is entitled to demand that no one around him realizes he has been visiting a dental office. In many cases a photo taken before teeth loss or insightful conversation revealing patient’s expectations may be helpful. 

Currently, technological possibilities and colour gamut are so huge, that both a normal filling and a prosthetic restoration may be and should be indistinguishable. Additionally, so called colour modifiers enable creating artificial sediment, coating, enamel cracks, and even imitate artificial fillings.