DENTAL X-RAY and dental tomography
dental cephalometric X-ray

Dental tomography

Dental CT is the fastest and non-invasive diagnostics method. On CT image the physician acquires a real time 3D image of soft tissues, maxillary sinuses and teeth, which is necessary for a procedure planning, determining the abnormalities and detecting potential inflammations in the patient. The examination itself is completely painless, takes several dozen seconds, and the doctor receives a perfect image, thanks to which he can precisely determine e.g. the angle of implant insertion, the correctness of root canal treatment, the patency of the maxillary sinuses and many others.


Computers are taking all areas of life by storm. They have not omitted dental offices. In our office a digital radiography, or radiovisiography is a very helpful diagnostic tool. This device cooperates with the X-ray apparatus and allows, with a very low radiation dose (1% of normal), to obtain the image directly on the computer screen.

Dental X-ray

Digital dental x-ray equipment is essential for patient diagnosis.

In just a few moments, the X-ray machine can take pantomographic (panoramic) and cephalometric (lateral) pictures. Such images are irreplaceable during prosthetic, orthodontic and surgical consultations.

X-ray images are necessary when planning dental treatment, as they show the teeth after root canal treatment, any possible ongoing asymptomatic inflammation and the condition of the bone, which facilitates treatment planning, and the location of impacted teeth, which is helpful during extractions.

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