Dental implants

przekrój zęba z implantem

Even a single tooth loss is not indifferent to the entire chewing system and every cavity needs to be restored as soon as possible. The teeth form such a cohesive unit that any lack causes serious disorders: individual teeth begin to shift or protrude. Losing one or more teeth gives a few possibilities of restoration. One of them is implant placement in the bone, namely an artificial root. An implant looks like a threaded bolt made of  titanium. Stomatology implants are really small – their diameter ranges from 3,3 mm to 4,8 mm, length from 6 mm to 14 mm. The intraosseous part has a surface that is additionally prepared to increase the microporosity, i.e. to increase the surface area of connection with the bone (i.e. osteointegration).Titanium is a completely biocompatible material, fully accepted by human organism.


implant zębowyśruba implantu

implant zębowy

At present the success rate of these procedures is very high, as for medicine.

Implanty to sposób na rozwiązywanie trudnych przypadków.

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Positive integration into the bone tissue after 3 years is maintained in 98% . After 10 years, the failure rate is only about 5%.The experience of our doctors and patients shows that 80% of the success rate of implant retention depends on… patient. In particular, on maintaining the ideal hygiene of oral cavity and regular follow-up compliance.

Thanks to implants, zygomatic implants, dedicated materials and techniques for bone regeneration or modern 3D diagnostics, and certainly thanks to surgeon’s knowledge, skills and experience, the range of possibilities of stomatology surgery is practically unlimited, even in very extended bone losses.